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All songs recorded on the day of their creation, August 30, 2010. Made in Al's net shed (Scotch Tapes HQ) in Batchawana Bay, with one microphone.

Run of 28 c10s on Scotch Tapes.



released August 31, 2010

CS: Guitar*/Guitar*/Guitar/Percussion
JM: SlideBass+/Drums/Guitar*/Bass
JS: Drums/Bass/Drums/Guitar*
(* = singer) (+=dictaphone)

AL: Engineer/Drums on "Avalanche"



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Play Guitar Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Perfect As Ever / Jam Girls
perfect as you ever were
or thought you might be

that personal inheritance
fades just as easily

As perfect as you ever were - or thought you might be,
There was a necessary ending.

Perfect as you ever were, or thought you: maybe...

The room'll roll around of course,
You lose so much, you lost your horse and
Now it's time to not notice you leaving

how all those drivers in montreal don't have to signal
it's as the jam girls will fill the hall and never say no
Track Name: An Historical Romance 1966
Only baybay.
So lonely baybay,
They chased you away.
Know that you would have been loved.
Notice only this: that you would have been loved.
Track Name: Don't Be A Cow
Shyly looking downward while fingering powerchords
hope i'm singing better.
She was talking slowly to me making sure to try to groom me but i don't detest her.
Fixing all my lyrics and improving my appearance
how to impress her?

(she tells me to)

Play guitar (every night)
Play guitar (fix my life)
Play guitar (sing it right)

Writing in the one-sheet that we sound just like the dB's
mixed with Television.
But we always get it wrong and we fuck up every song
Complete derision

Play guitar (every night)
Play guitar (is my life)
Play guitar (sing it right)

(Don't be a cow)
Track Name: Avalanche
I walk with the stride of a mountain, up the mountain side.
I walk with the biggest steps, over horrendous depths.

But I never could decide why I'd climbed so high

Was it to run and hide or just to see the sights?

Once I had reached the top, I peaked over the side.
Breathing with less and less ease, until I could no longer breath.

I tripped over myself and fell down.

Avalanche! Avalanche! Avalanche!